Stated Income Jumbo Loans – Los Angeles

Want to purchase or refinance a property but have income issues? Stated Income Jumbo Loans – Los Angeles

Our Portfolio Jumbo Product may be the answer….
Primary Home, 2nd Home & Investment properties all qualify.

Buy Your Dream Home with our Dream Loan Product.

Stated Income!

Product Features

• Available for Primary, Second Home & Investment Properties
• Available for Purchase, Rate/Term, and Cash‐Out Transactions
• Does NOT have to be a business purpose loan
• Provides two options for income documentation: Streamline or Stated Income
• 7/1 Libor ARM (WSJ) • Fixed for 7 years, adjustable for remaining 23 years
• No Balloon feature, No Prepay feature

No Paystubs NoTax Returns NoTaxTranscripts (4506T)

• 680 minimum Fico
• Allows Foreign Income
• 30% down up to $1,000,000 loan amount. 40% down up to $2.5mm

Best Part……………….rates as low as 4.50%. Unbelievable.

Remind me what Stated means again? 

• Stated Income means the borrower states their REASONABLE current income in the 1003 (Application).
• We verify that their monthly income can be SUPPORTED by the liquid assets pre‐closing.

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