Foreign National Loans

Canadians Buying in Palm Springs

Canadians Buying homes Palm Springs

We have a variety of lenders offering loans to Canadians and other Foreign investors. Many Canadians are flocking to warm climate cities such as Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. Canadians Buying homes Palm SpringsHomes prices in Palm Springs are considerable lower than homes in Canada and these Canadians buyers can purchase more for their money. We have a streamline loan product for these buyers that do not require tax returns. In fact, it is a stated loan program for primary, second homes and investment. We offer a rate under 5% with no balloon feature, no pre-payment and very good terms.



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What is the Foreign National Program?

You do not need Tax Returns. Streamline Verification of Income.

• The Foreign National program allows for citizens of foreign
countries to purchase a second home in theUnited States.
• No FICO or international credit report is required.
• Borrower cannot be US Citizen orGreen Card holder.
• Must follow streamline income requirements by providing letter of
employment and verification of income from company letterhead
• All documents must be translated by a third party translator

Product Features
• Available for Primary, Second Home & Investment Properties
• Available for Purchase, Rate/Term, and Cash‐Out Transactions
• Does NOT have to be a business purpose loan

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