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Century City News Interview

Century City News Interviews Nili Nathan, a Los Angeles Mortgage Broker with C2 Financial. August 7, 2017.

Banker with a Heart

Sifting to find the right home is only half the battle; getting the right loan, on your terms, is sometimes even more difficult. Along comes a company and Senior Mortgage Broker that takes some of the sting out of the home buying and refinancing process. Nili Sinai-Nathan is in the money business but not all about the money. “I’m the banker with a heart. I’m not motivated by money,” says Nathan years ago when I was a Realtor, “I told my clients not to buy if it wasn’t something I would have bought.”

Nili understands real estate because she grew up in a real estate family. Her father was a builder that began his business by flipping houses. He then graduated to building apartment buildings, and then built condominiums. Nili cut her teeth in real estate by her father’s side as heexplained to her what he was doing and why he was doing it. She then helped find properties to develop, procured construction loans, created and managed the budgets and CC&R’s and then listed and sold the properties. Later, when she would ​buy her own home​, she would learn about real estate as a property owner. Now as a lender, she brings her wealth of experience to her work becoming more than just a broker, she is a valuable consultant to her clients.

Now at C2 Financial she represents over 120 lenders providing Conventional, Super Jumbo, Bank Statement and Interest Only Loans. Approvals can be handled prior to identifying property or opening escrow and can be fully underwritten. Nili offers full VIP services that includes local pickup and delivery of your support documents and her staff takes care of copying, scanning and faxing of documents. Her company has funded over 2 billion in loans including some that were problematic for other companies (ie. Low Credit Score, Foreclosure, Bankruptcy, and Self-employed). Realtors are some of her biggest fans as she helps save deals that are at risk of falling out of escrow. READ MORE

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