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C2 Financial is a  Silicon Valley Mortgage Broker, offering mortgage loans for the tech industry searching for a smooth loan application process using technology for efficiency and convenience. We care about your experience and are committed to your satisfaction. We have over 120 lenders with all the loan programs.

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Ever wonder what type of mortgage loan Washington Elites have? Yes, it’s true the top wealthy in this country are offered amazing low rates, and white glove services. New mortgage companies such as SoFi Mortgage caters to Silicon Valley Employees. But are these loans reducing the principal balance and saving overall interest?

We invite you to learn about the All In One Loan which has been around for decades in other countries. It’s not a new loan, but it may be new to you. By leveraging your deposits you pay off your principal First, unlike a standard 30-yr mortgage which you pay mostly Interest for 13 years before you chip away at the principal. Now you can take control of when you pay off your principal and save hundreds of thousands in interest.

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